Indiana Tech

Primary Engineering prepared the design for the renovation of the historic Seitz Center on the campus of Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This building was constructed in 1856, before President Lincoln took office, and has stood ever since. The project converted this building into a 3 story administration building that emphasizes how to take an old building and make it energy efficient. The end result is a LEED-Gold Certified project that has operational costs of $0.750/sq. ft. annually.

The building exterior brick was retained with a new wall systems installed on the inside face of the building to provide a highly insulated wall and roof system. The HVAC systems for the building consists of geothermal heat pumps with energy recovery equipment to pre-condition the outside ventilation air.

Lighting systems are comprised primarily of LED fixtures that include lay-in troffer style fixtures as well as recessed cans such that the total power density of the lighting system will be approximately 50% of a traditional design that is used on the campus today.

All aspects of this project were sustainable with a focus on prudent design and engineering concepts that resulted in a quality building that is efficient to operate.

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