South Bend Regional Airport

The South Bend Regional Airport expansion includes a new terminal that contains 5 new gates with jet bridges capable of handling 747 aircraft. The project will triple the passenger capacity for the facility and makes use of many energy conservation system in the design.

The HVAC systems consist of ground source geothermal heat pumps with energy recovery air handlers for all ventilation air into the new terminal. The ground loop was directionally bored under the gate area pavement and trenched into the grass areas adjacent to the taxiway lanes. The heat pumps also provide snow melt to pedestrian ramps in the winter to negate the need for salt and shoveling.

The lighting systems include daylight harvesting controls that will reduce the light fixtures based on the natural light that enters via the translucent roof systems and North facing windows. The lighting control system allows for flexibility and energy savings.

As part of this project, the airport also included in the design a complete upgrade to the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that includes all of the monitors in the ticketing, concourse, and gate areas for passengers to view flight data and a hearing loop for hearing impaired travelers.

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