Wintek Data Center

In 2016, Wintek, an Internet Service Provider headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, undertook a $2 million-dollar expansion of its area service capabilities using a secure facility to accommodate local and global business activity. The data center was designed to provide a cost-effective, flexible colocation site to meet current and future client needs with the ability to expand as needed.

Primary Engineering’s role was to design the mechanical and electrical systems of the 2,000 square foot data center to have the ability and flexibility for expansion to 8.5 kW per rack. The mechanical system designed for the data center utilized a hot and cold aisle containment system with 24-hour, year-round monitoring of temperature and humidity. The HVAC system consisted of multiple, 25-ton Liebert units designed for 5 kW per rack with the capability of expanding to 8.5 kW per rack for future needs.

The electrical distribution system was set up to allow for future conversion to a 2N solution, and the data center itself was provided with UPS back-up in a N+1 configuration for ride through during a loss of power or brownouts. During long term outages, the facility is supported by a 1-megawatt diesel/natural gas bi-fuel engine/generator with the ability to expand to a total of four, 1-megawatt diesel/natural gas bi-fuel engine/generators. If new engine/generators need to be added to the system, this may occur without taking existing generators off- line. The internal distribution within the data center consists of multiple PDU with each rack receiving a power feed from two separate PDU.

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