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International Process Plant Cooling

Primary Engineering has participated in many international projects that include large industrial projects that include power plants, large copper mines, chemical plants, hydroelectric plants, wind turbine fields, and manufacturing plants.  Locations include Saudia Arabia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and many others.  Our engineering expertise was used within the control rooms and process control enclosures to provide cooling designs for these critical spaces.

The large power plant located in Qurayyah, Saudi Arabia included over 15 power generation units with a dedicated control enclosure for each that was designed to maintain a conditioned environment in extremely hot, humid conditions and withstand the effects of seasonal sand storms using space pressurization to prevent infiltration of sand into the control space.

A large manufacturing plant located in Veracruz, Mexico will produce polyethylene that is used in many manufacturing processes across the globe.  This plant includes several control rooms that are used to control the manufacturing process and were designed with redundancy and fault tolerance with an N+1 design approach.   The cooling plant for these control rooms is critical and was designed with redundancy.